Monday, December 29, 2008

They Super-Sizing foreal!!


im extremely upset with mcdonalds right the hell are they gona bump the double cheeseburger up $1.29!!!!!...what is the dollar menu without the double cheeseburger?? life is incomplete now :-/ lol "2 double pickles..and sweet n sour sauce" for 2 bucks!! that was my shit!!! its like almost 3 bucks for the same thing..thats bullshitttt..thats such a stupid move on they part because everyone fucks with the double cheeseburger and they made so much money off it niggaz gona start protesting and shyt lol

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry X-mas Lupe fans!!! :-)

Lupe Fiasco's last album before he retires "LUP E.N.D." not only gona be his farewell to the game...hes going out with a BANGG!!!!....lup e.n.d. is going to be not 1,not 2,but 3 albums in 1!!!!....its going to be a triple album...1st album will be titled "Everywhere" 2nd will be titled "Nowhere" and last but not least "Down here"...i cant waitttt...everyone who knows me knows how big of a lupe fan i am so this is crazy to me right now....ive heard a couple supposedly "leaked" tracks or whatever and i have pretty high expectations for this upcoming triple album from Mr. Fiasco himself...i know he'll come threw with straight fire!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

ayo bush!!! what that smell like!! lmao0

lmaooo wowww this is wildd!!!....round of applause for dude who did that right there..gave bush the ill goodbye present!..Im glad somebody got to do it before he leaves...gave his ass the boot....literallyyyy haha

Saturday, December 13, 2008

people these days...smh lol

so im vibin at the crib (bored as fuck)..so0 im scrollin thru my buddy list n that led me to is wrong with people??? the "away message" turned into like the psycologist with no reply...true i never understood y the away message went from sayin why ur (keyword) AWAY from ur computer or becoming like a place to air ur dirty laundry..i can undastand puttin a quik line of how u feelin real quik n wut not..but ppl b whylinnnn on the aways lol...espiecially the people who do the "no1 aim me" aways lol..neva undastood it..if ur mad to that point....ummm sign off? das the onli solution i can think of in that situation...or the people who have the aways like "stop being nosey and reading my aways" lmao0...i dunt think i even have to get into how dumb that sounds its pretty self explanatory like wtf r u doin puttin up aways for absolutely no1 2 read?? sounds pretty contradicting to me...which brings me back to my point........when did away messages become the psycologist with no reply??....n last but not is wrong with people???....smh

.....just thinkin outloud lol

* Nik0 *

Friday, December 12, 2008


iight yall...finally on the blog game lol