Monday, January 19, 2009

O-Town Bound!!


Went to orlando this weekend....i had madddd fun. it was mad random tho i came home from work and my boi brandon asked if i wanted to go and meet up with his pops because he had to host something at the gun the drive up was mad fun we got pretty fucked up lol..we got there and pulled up to the nicest hotel everrr on some 5 star shit was crazy expierience cause i never been to a hotel like that before and as soon as we pulled up valet just takes your car and you walk through these huge glass automatic sliding doors and my eyes r bulging out my eyes looking around a like a kid in a candy store his dad bought us a couple beers at the bar and we went upstairs and the room was hugeeee so im thinking how the hell is paying for all this??..come to find out his company pays for everythingggg!!! every dollar he spends he gets reinbursed so he was mad wreckless with his bread..the next day we hit up the gun expo..omggg i neva been around so many guns in my life i was playing with everything out there and on top of that they were giving free beer...then we bounced and went to the vans skatepark shyt was krazyyyand then we met up with some old high school buddies at UCF and got pretty fucked up...we came to the conclusion that orlando has the most confusing streets in the world lol we got lost pretty much everytime we got on the road..also the fact that we were pretty drunk the whole trip prolly didnt make it any better lol..oh yeahhh!!! i saw an upside down building as well i couldnt stop staring at was pr0lly 1 of the most intresting things ive ever seen...before we left spent the day hitting malls and outlets like crazyyy...everything was maddd cheap..every single store had clearence sales even the most expensive i "made it rain" haha...heres a couple pix from the trip that i snapped...


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So im sitting in music promotion class bored as everrr and mad tired so i started dozing off with my eyes wide shut...and the teacher asked me a question and i was not paying attention i was in another world, and he made a joke about how i was deaf to anythin thats not coming out of my headphones and that lead to me think.....when we think to ourselves we hear a voice in our head that speaks to us (try it out right now..ull hear it lol)...we hear it as if its us talking to ourselves without opening our mouths. Now, since we hear a voice..what is it exactly a deaf person hears or see when they think?? when i say deaf i mean someone who hasnt heard all their life,they've been deaf from birth or as a baby..what is the voice in their head that we all have doing? is there maybe a language they undastand in their head that subsitutes for the "voice"..i highly doubt they picture sign language you know?. I REALLLLYYY want to know how that works so if anyone knows the science and what not behind it..fill me in lol


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

name that tunee!! (Killing me softly)

This is a very common one. Til this day alot of people still think this was "The Fugees" and pretty much give lauryn hill all the credit...dont get me wrong she did do her damage to the track..but then again,what doesnt she do damage too? lol....but yeah this classic is "Roberta Flack" but written and composed by Charlie Fox and Norman was actually origianlly in a another language if i remember right and Roberta Flack re-did it to the version everyone knows and loves..i fell in love with the poetry in the song,which is lauryns style as well and not so much Roberta Flacks so its definitely justifiable that people dont know that its not lauryns song...p.s. keep scrolling down through a lil sumtin else in there 2..

Killin Me Softly - The Fugees

Killing Me Softly With His Song - Roberta Flack

.......why not throw the jackson 5 version in there 2?!? u feel me? lol...


Monday, January 12, 2009

name that tuneee!!

This is something new ima start doing on the blog hopefully everyday ill post a new one...but what ill be doing is posting a song that has either a sample or is a remake of a song...and ill post where it orinigally came from also...just a little something fun u know? cause i know when i hear the original to a song i never knew was sampled i get mad surprised and intrested in it,and i love hearing the originals to songs we listen to might as well share my knowledge with everyone of the ones that i know off the top of my to start it off todays songs are..... Common-Break my heart
George Duke- Someday

"Break my heart" was produced by Kanye west on Common's "Finding forever" album

Break My Heart - Common

Someday - George Duke

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

No Scrubs!..lmao0

lmaooo this nigga is stupiddddd!!!!!!!....this is my boy andrew...we always been class clowns since middle school but hes just buggin with this 1 right here lol....peep the way the editing came out good too i was mad surprised

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

what is MUSIC...??....

My definition of music....-music is a conversation...its like a conversation between instruments...for example if the guitar is singing a melody,the bass is listening and saying something back,so the drums would put in his 2 cents and so on...they compliment each other and thats what makes it sound so when i listen to music im not hearing just 1 thing as a whole, im listening to the conversation the instruments are having or the conversation that the music is having with a writer that helps paint the picture in your mind and makes them feel a certain way to say what they say over has a voice...and it talks to people,and people love music that talks to them in any way..thats why people love or just focus on lyrics kuz its easy to understand the music talking to you...but sometimes some of the best type of music is the ones with no lyrics or the music behinddd the lyrics...espiecially with hip hop artist..the best ones in the game can hear a beat and let it talk to them and approach it and hit the same music nerve the producer was feeling...its beautiful man!..for dude charles hamilton in my opinion (if not the most right now)...hes 1 0f the most talented MUSICIANS in the hip hop game right now..(notice how i didnt say most talented rapper or producer)....because he can make a beat and with just the beat alone..hes talking to you...and hes able to put lyrics over those beats to touch all people with not just his producing but then killing em with the lyrics as well..he has the ability to talk to musicians and hit everyone with lyrics that people can relate to...real talented dude man! (he also playes instruments as well) like what made me let yall into my mind to understand my interpretation of music is that i get these questions all the time "how do you learn to play that so quick?"..or "how do you teach yourself to play instruments"..ohh man and cant forget "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU LISTENING TO?!?!" lol...well when i listen to music i dont hear just 1 thing or the song as a whole...i hear the conversation going on within the music and it talks to lie its really like a musical chatroom going on in my head..i hear and listen 2 all aspects of every song....and when you can understand the language of music its such a beautiful thing....your mind opens up to so much music and you find youself unbiased to all types of music...i get the whole point of the mainstream scene or whatever..pretty much it aint about the music (lol) its only about making money even if you know your music sucks and doin stupid dances in the process (cough cough...souja boy and others! lol) that you all are going to look back n laugh at yourselves for lol ...but what happened to the days when hip hop was realllllll AND you can dance and have fun to has no meaning anymore,no voice,its mainly just a mixup of "punchlines" (if u wanna call it that) that has nothing to do with the point of the song,over meaningless beats....smh...i mean i guess each decade has its downfalls...except for the late 60's and the 70's of course those times WERE music! u had people like bob marley,marvin gaye,led zeppelin,otis redding,the beginning of punk,the birth of hip hop...shit! i can go for daysssss,80's R&b hit the scene extremely hard but then you had hair metal rock bands and pop music :-/,90's was also a good decade for all types of music but then you had grunge music and gothic people lol,and oh god the 00's is prolly the worst decade for music..dont get me,wrong early 00's had a good look...but it went downhill to the utmost far lol....
ima fade this out with a bob a marley quote..

"one good thing about music....when it hits you feel no hit me with musicc!!"-Bob marley

lmaoo wow im buggin! so i write a essay and shyt on the blog...its all good tho..what good is the blog if you cant free your mind right???