Friday, May 8, 2009


so i been off blogger forever!!! because i thought my shit got deleted!! but they changed my login to instead of which is what i originally backkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

i dont wanna grow up!!! lol


Ever since me and my little brother re-hooked up my sega we been on it OD and it brought so many memoriessss!!!!..i was such a die hard sega fan i didnt wana budge for nothing! my cousins had the nintendo and they aint want to budge either so we had the best of both worlds...i had my sonic 2,3 never had the 1st one though...but sonic 2 was my favorite if you had a sega you had to of had sonic its like 1 of those games you had to have with the nintendo you had to have mario,n64 u had to have goldeneye etc. haha....thats just how it was..remember playing with your cousins or brothers and sisters or freinds or whoever and waitin for them to die to get your turn again?? whattttttt i could never forget the micheal jackson "moonwalker" gameee!!! that was THE illest gameee lol i swear to everything if you dont believe me google it or something this game was so ill you had to save the little white girl who gets kidnapped in each level haha and each level was a different music video from micheal jackson and you fought by doin his dance moves and shit lmaoo now that i think about that was pretty crazy... im still on the hunt for my sonics :-/ and my "jammit" game it was like the NBA street of sega lol...cant forget about the pacman joint the actual like real life and not arcade there was missions and shit and cant forget about "shaq-fu" lmaooo where shaq knew karate and he had to go to different parts of the underworld to fight all these different monsters and other karate on the phone with my cousin in the marine corp right now and we reminising OD right now!!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Walk a mile in our shoes"...


now we all have heard about this...if not if you have common sense you can pretty much see whats going on...i tried to stay away from this one but i just couldnt. It bothers me way too much...anyone in their right mind can look at this cartoon and see the masked racial message that is being portrayed. Although President Obama didnt "write" the stimulus, which was the excuse that was used. What does this chimp have to do with the stimulus, that they had to depict cops shooting a monkey to make a joke about current events?...if the joke is about "even a crazed chimp could of wrote the stimulus" then it would of been a complemetely different drawing. This cartoonist knew exactly what he was doing when he drew this. Everyone knows the racial comparison between Blacks and monkeys that white people branded us with..its the same white people who branded people of dark skin from the middle east as "sandmonkies" and "sandniggers" after 9-11....depicting a monkey as a black person has became like a modern day "black face" playing dumb about not realizing the racial message behind that cartoon is nothing but BULLSHIT!!!...anyone including white people in their right minds can see the insensitive and crude racial humor in it..alot of republicans and alot of other white people are having a blast looking at it in the comfort of thier home but will look you in your face and say "no this isnt racist at all are you serious? i dont see it..its just a joke about current events"....what we all have to do is look at the resume of this cartoonist which will prove my point in which he knew exactly what he was doing...."Sean Delonas" the cartoonist has made other racial and anti-gay cartoons in the past that has been posted in the New York Post. So the post has a history of coming out with offensive things. The point is that you can never understand another point of view if your mind is biased,until its you in the opposing postion then thats when shit hits the fan right?...being black in america is like being the only white person in a katt williams show lol..even tho that was a joke its being completely honest...a white person is like the man on stage and were the ones in the crowd getting attacked in all ways possible...we've learned to deal with it of course but when shit gets thrown in our face like this article which is a spit in the face to the african american community because we see the message behind it, it turns into a "slavery was 400 years ago get over it..stop being bitter" type has nothing to with being bitter,it has EVERYTHING to do with the ignorance of whites (not all of course..jus generally speaking),racial profiling,and the hidden racism we have to deal with on an everyday basis. Until they get put into that position the people who are "pro" this article will NEVER understand where we are coming from. For example my best freind is white,and this one day we had a meeting with a lawyer for an accident that happened and im dressed pretty casually like button up shirt,slacks and nice shoes and hes wearing like cargo shorts and a regular shirt..and he's like "you dont have to dress all fancy.were just going to talk bout a few things"....i had to explain to him that "me, being an african american young male i HAVE TO go the extra mile with certain things, if im going somewhere like that..i can not go dressed up in cargo shorts and skateboarding shirt..i have to dress presentable..we have to EARN those peoples respect..its not just given to us like it is given to can walk in dressed like that and you get looked at as a "surfer/skateboarder" type dude at the worst...i walk in there dressed-down i automatically get labeled a gangsta or something of the sort..." and he quikly understood where i was coming from...but he didnt even look it that way because white people generally dont have to go the extra mile like we they dont understand where were coming from unless you sit them down and deeply explain it to them....i can go on and on about the racial profiling thing thats why i tried to stay away from this 1 lol...but this is getting wayyyy too longgg!!!! lol i dont want to bore my followers with these long ass blogs lol

p.s. to any followers or readers that took any offense to anything i wrote..please dont..i wasnt attacking white people as a whole when i refer to "white people" i know many good-hearted white people without even a spec of racism in speaking generally thats all...and to all the other races of color or any other nationalities that get racially profiled ,dont feel left out lol i was just focusing on the african american side of it because of the article content..

Friday, February 20, 2009

Plain and simple!!!

i want a new freakin Tattoo!!!!!!

Grrrr!!! this has always been a pet peeve of mine....yall know how when you go on hiphopdx or any of those sites even youtube.....and you read peoples comments and for some reason watching or listeniong to other people,i dont know i guess since there like watching i guess they feel like there simon cowell or something like these nobody ass niggaz would sit there and leave a comments on like a FAMOUS artist song or video..trying to criticize as if what they say matters lol....please dont do that people...because #1. you look mad stupid criticizing someone elses work when your sitting home on the computer,in some flip flops eating potato chips and shit lol and #2. YOU CANT GIVE SOMEONE ALREADY WITH THEY FOOT IN THE DOOR YOUR 2 FREAKIN CENTS...the last thing these artist is going to do is go and look at comments from unqualified people and be like "iight this random nigga is right" lmao...we all know what im talking about too...those "this shit sux..a lil more this and less that charles hamilton"...."joe budden you nice but you need stop doing blah blah blah and ull be good"..."kanye west you suck stop what your doing right now" wtf,under what and whose standards?? lol stopping talkin to them and giving advice as if their actually listening.let the music be music....comments are meant for your opinion not criticism and trying to tell someone what to do as if what your saying matters.....if you think it sucks say it sucks and keep it moving..your advice on how to make music isnt needed until you got something under your belt......

lost time....

sorry my fellow blogheads lol!!....i been m.i.a. for a little bit, ive been falling a bit behind in school and stuff so i been focusing so much and trying to catch. so cross your fingers for me lets hope i make it through this quarter successfully!!!!...but on a brighter note todays my day off :-D lol so ill be making up for lost time..throughout the day ill just be posting here and there..i got alot to get off my chest since im a behind in the blog game..some of you probably dont give two shakes of a dick about anything i have to say lol but for those who do...stay tuneddd :-P

Friday, February 13, 2009

"So Far Gones'" turns...


lol ok i might get alot of negative feedback on this one..maybe not...dependin on who's listenin. But i dont know if its because im use to listenin to the older drake stuff but im just not feelin this at all...there was a couple hot ones but for the most part this 1 was more for the ladies it seems...ever since he kind of adopted that weezy type style i havent really been much into him as much..but i got respect for what he trying to do right now...he did alot of venting on here so i definitely feel that im all for any artist making music to express whats going on in they life. but for the most part i wasnt into this 1 that much alot of the beats seemed very similar it was kind of repetitive...on "ignorant shit" he went strong on his verse..(no comment on wayne..alot of you know i feel about him lol) and "say whats real" i heard awhile ago it was on point too, but my nigga SIN!! already merked that 1 sorry drizzy lol...."brand new" has always been a hot track since way back thats why he keeps putting it out lol...umm off the top i cant really think of anything else that hit me like "damnn".....but yeah im sure if you guys been fuckin with drake since awhile back you know this mixtape is nowhere near as hard as "comeback season"..but i guess its good for someone who was a star on "degrassi" (lol no lowblow just a joke) now u know i got to hit you with some old drake lol....

p.s. sorry about the links but for some reason i cant embed nothing on here!! lol

"Well isnt this awkward...."


Photobucket all i have to say bout this 1....he went off on this...people knock him all the time for this and that...but you cant knock his creativity...this dude comes out with this mixtape alllll about Rhianna..which hes like head over heels for..pretty much with the intent to make something happen with her..thats why its called "Well isnt this awkward.." the man never even spoke to her before but hes going in for the kill lol.......on the back cover its him standing with the track listings i guess u can say raining on him with him holding an umbrella (Rhianna; umbrella-ella,ella...u get the point lol) if hes waitin for her to come underneath...hes whylinnn haha but hey maybe itll work who far as the mixtape content.....this in my opinion was his best mixtape lyrically but i still think the production and overall quality of "the L word" was better..i think he might take some heat for it from the bloggers and other musicians and what not..but he got my respect on this 1 for making something to both entertain us listeners and also try and get his message across to her...the thought process behind every mixtape/song he does is ridiculous...

Good luck Mr.Hamilton lol....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This is the 1st leaked track off Charles Hamiltons new mixtape "Well isnt this awkward.." dropping on fridayy...check it out

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Goldeneye ;-)


lol i had to steal this!!...I saw it at "BC" a skate shop/clothing store around the i went in 007 mode as soon as i saw it...rollin on floors,hidin in between clothes racks and all!! lmao naa im clownin....but word up tho..this is a very essential tool right here can be used in many different situations..espeicially since im in the process of building a mini studio in my room so everyone will know when im in my zone and shit.....andddd lets say i got "company (lol)" flip that shit over 2 "closed" on the door knob,then every1 know not 2 disturb lol....orrrr* what if im feelin a katt williams style "TONIGHT!!....IM GONNA GET FUCKED-UP!!!" night lmaoo ill rock that shyt round the neck n as soon as the liq is touchin the brain a ill flip that shit over 2 "open" haha ;-) u feel meeee??? lol.......iight lemme stop clownin now lol.....

on a more serious note......................................................................................................umm nvm mind went white lol