Friday, February 13, 2009

"Well isnt this awkward...."


Photobucket all i have to say bout this 1....he went off on this...people knock him all the time for this and that...but you cant knock his creativity...this dude comes out with this mixtape alllll about Rhianna..which hes like head over heels for..pretty much with the intent to make something happen with her..thats why its called "Well isnt this awkward.." the man never even spoke to her before but hes going in for the kill lol.......on the back cover its him standing with the track listings i guess u can say raining on him with him holding an umbrella (Rhianna; umbrella-ella,ella...u get the point lol) if hes waitin for her to come underneath...hes whylinnn haha but hey maybe itll work who far as the mixtape content.....this in my opinion was his best mixtape lyrically but i still think the production and overall quality of "the L word" was better..i think he might take some heat for it from the bloggers and other musicians and what not..but he got my respect on this 1 for making something to both entertain us listeners and also try and get his message across to her...the thought process behind every mixtape/song he does is ridiculous...

Good luck Mr.Hamilton lol....


  1. lmfao... but what if she has herpes will he still love her... kause you kno everyone saying she gave chris brown herpes... lmfao im sorry that shit is still funny as hell to me

  2. ^^.. LOL.. wow. but naa real rap thts crazy. he's crazy. i LOVE it!