Friday, February 20, 2009

Grrrr!!! this has always been a pet peeve of mine....yall know how when you go on hiphopdx or any of those sites even youtube.....and you read peoples comments and for some reason watching or listeniong to other people,i dont know i guess since there like watching i guess they feel like there simon cowell or something like these nobody ass niggaz would sit there and leave a comments on like a FAMOUS artist song or video..trying to criticize as if what they say matters lol....please dont do that people...because #1. you look mad stupid criticizing someone elses work when your sitting home on the computer,in some flip flops eating potato chips and shit lol and #2. YOU CANT GIVE SOMEONE ALREADY WITH THEY FOOT IN THE DOOR YOUR 2 FREAKIN CENTS...the last thing these artist is going to do is go and look at comments from unqualified people and be like "iight this random nigga is right" lmao...we all know what im talking about too...those "this shit sux..a lil more this and less that charles hamilton"...."joe budden you nice but you need stop doing blah blah blah and ull be good"..."kanye west you suck stop what your doing right now" wtf,under what and whose standards?? lol stopping talkin to them and giving advice as if their actually listening.let the music be music....comments are meant for your opinion not criticism and trying to tell someone what to do as if what your saying matters.....if you think it sucks say it sucks and keep it moving..your advice on how to make music isnt needed until you got something under your belt......


  1. && Sometimes they dont even be talking about the video
    &&they start arguing;which i didnt even know was possible
    on YOUTUBE
    its like do yall make appointments for this shit
    "aiight nigga lets battle you tube 3 pm sharp"