Monday, February 2, 2009


i been out the blog scene for a bit my internets been down...finally got my new laptop though im mad hyped bout it and got my new headphones too i got rasta skullcandy joints...ILL!!...but ya umm kanye west??...not feeling at all these is wrong with his head?...1st he makes this emo ass cd,standing in the ranks along side beyonce and jazmine sullivan making inspirtational away message music for single woman lol...dont get me wrong jazmine sullivan is a beast beyonce too of course even tho that single ladies joint is fairly annoying lol i aint hating tho. but anyways back 2 ya on top of in my opinion a very dissapointing album..what is this im hearing bout how he wants to do bisexual porn?!?! wtffff is that? (extremee smh moment)..poor guy...but ya on a brighter note cant wait till my next pay gona go OFF in sam ash!!! i need a new guitar,amp,bass,and new cymbols for my drums too..keep your eyes and ears open folks!! one man band project coming real soon...ill get into that more in depth at a later point tho........

feelin very bluesy 2nite so im making a playlist as we speak..feelin sum janis joplin 2nite....that makes me think.....u kno? its crazy how drugs affect people so much in both negative and positive ways...isnt it crazy how something that opens your mind..kills you in the process u know?..drugs and alcohol took some of the greatest musicians my favorite drummer john bonham of led zeppelin,billie holiday destroyed her body with heavy drinking and drug use,brad nowell from sublime,jim morrison from the doors,jimi hendrix,janis joplin...that shit is crazyy and the craziest part is all those people are in the rock and roll hall of fame...the list goes on also...its so crazyy...its a huge price to pay to do what you love and its so easy to fall into that scene as a works in crazy ways right?

:: smh while taking a sip of my beer lol::


  1. kayne west lost his mother and lost his girl hes depressed... DUH if you lost your mother would you be the same person?? but he just released these pair of louis v. sneakers there ok.... not my likings but not ugly.... and he got a couple new tracks that he produced and one that hes in that are hot... " say you will "... and " flute flow".... idk i just think your going a little hard on a guy that just lost his mom and tha chick he thought was gonna be there for him through loosing his mom... the different track shit just shows that kayne dont give a fuck what any one says hes gonna do what he wanna do... you should have looked at it in that positive sense...

    look what you did... AS ALWAYS WE ALWAYS DISAGREE lol love ya drew